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This is an exciting opportunity for a brilliant PhD level scientist to join a world leading Vaccines Research & Development environment.  You’ll be channeling your passion for science and helping to revolutionize the future of Vaccines R&D at GSK whilst fostering strong foundations for a career in cutting edge science. 

Do you want to be part of a company investing in scientific and technical excellence to develop a pipeline of new products to meet the needs of patients across world?  Please read on for more details on this unique opportunity and details on how to apply. 


What is the Vaccines Scientific Leaders Programme?  

The Scientific Leaders Programme (SLP) is a 2-year global programme that aims to build a pipeline of leading scientists with the right expertise and technical capabilities to drive the future of Vaccines Research and Development at GSK.  The SLP runs across three locations; Italy, Belgium or United States which align to our key Vaccine R&D hubs.   

How does the Vaccines Scientific Leaders Programme work?   

You will spend 2 years working on a key development project, as a core contributor within one of the strategic areas of our Vaccines R&D business.  Working on challenging projects will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the ways in which Science and Technology is being applied across R&D at GSK.  You will be contributing to our mission to improve the quality of human life, building on GSKs history of developing and applying advanced technologies to create novel vaccines, whilst fostering your own strong foundations for a future career in cutting edge science.  

Is the Vaccines Scientific leaders Programme for you?   

This is a scientific/technical leadership position where you will be empowered to be innovative, collaborative, decisive and bold to solve novel R&D problems.  On completion of the 2-year programme we aim to bring you on-board into available technical leadership roles that best suitsbusiness’ needs and your abilities.  

We’re looking for future scientific leaders to help embed modern Scientific principles and ways of working within the vaccines R&D organization.  You will do this through the following project:   

Project Title: A comprehensive analysis of human tissue resident immune cells for next generation vaccinology 

Project proposal: 

The predictions of vaccine efficacy and correlates of vaccine-induced protection are based on the immune function observed in peripheral blood cells at bulk level. As single cell genomics has recently enabled the study of immune cells that are resident in human tissues and organs, single cell data sets represent an unprecedented resource to investigate the complexity of the tissue-resident mechanisms of immunity and the local immune response to vaccines. Knowledge derived from the analysis of these data sets would shed light on the mechanisms that trigger the pathogen-specific immunity at the site of infection where disease manifests. 


Within the Data Science and Computational Vaccinology group, and in collaboration with Pre-clinical Research & Development team, you will: 

  • Develop a standard workflow for the analysis of single cell transcriptomics data. 

  • Analyze internal and publicly available single cell data to get a comprehensive view of the diversity of tissue-resident immune cells, their states, and the full breadth of antibody effector functions located in the tissues in a normal, healthy situation. 

  • Collaborate with experimental scientists to analyze data generated in internal experiments, optimize the protocols to generate most impactful data, and deconvolute the resident immune response to pathogens of interest for the development of innovative vaccines. 

  • Communicate effectively with scientists across the organization to understand their needs, to explain your results, and to suggest proactively opportunities where appropriate. 

  • Participate and actively engage in cross-site and cross-function data science and single cell data analysis groups, identifying opportunities for collaboration and exchanging best practices. 

  • Ensure highest ethical standards, good scientific practices & data integrity are implemented in daily scientific activity. 

We think this is a fantastic opportunity to contribute directly to elucidate the complexity of the immune system and guide the design of better more effective, less reactogenic vaccines with a potential impact on human health and patients’ lives. 

To be successful in this role you should have: 

  • PhD in Data Science / Bioinformatics / Computational Biology or related discipline, or equivalent industrial research experience. 

  • In-depth expertise in single cell technologies, as well as in the analysis of single celltranscriptomics and TCR-sequencing data. 

  • Programming skills in languages such as bash, R or Python to work on internal high-performance computing systems to develop and organize analysis pipelines. 

  • Knowledge of immunology with good understanding of T-cell response mechanisms. 

  • Proven ability to lead a research project within the area of expertise. 

  • Good communication and networking skills. Ability to convey complex scientific messages across multidisciplinary functions and fluently interact with colleagues from different backgrounds. 

  • Fluent English. 

  • Knowledge in the Machine Learning field and experience with cloud platforms are a plus.