MSX International (MSXI) is a business process outsourcing company with more than 6,000 employees providing technology-based services in more than 80 countries. Together with the Sewells Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary, MSXI is the world’s largest provider of retail solutions to automotive OEM`s and their dealers. Together they create value by enhancing customer engagement, increasing brand market share, improving dealer and brand profitability, and improving employee productivity. MSXI‘s Human Capital Management division, including whollyowned subsidiary Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI), is the world‘s largest independent managed services provider. GRI maximizes the benefits of a contingent workforce on organizational performance by maintaining a conflict free position relative to staffing suppliers and technology platforms. To learn more about MSXI, please visit

Our Best Practices
The success of our business solutions depends on the quality of our resources, the „Best Practices“, consolidated in more than 75 years of experience in the industry and the latest technologies, enabling our customers to:

> Improve the efficiency and profitability of the Dealer; 
> Increase sales and Post-sales performances; 
> Generate new sales opportunities;     
> Il supporto tecnico
> Reduce warranty costs and eliminate waste
> Improve the technical skills of the Dealer’s personnel;
> Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Culture
At MSXI, we have long realized that the employee experience actually drive customer engagement. Our People Mission is therefore focused on three key points:
> Empowering our people to contribute to company development
> Creating systems and processes that support organizational and personal growth 
> Fostering people growth by promoting an entrepreneurial approach to work, hiring great talent to surround our team with stunning colleagues and giving all of them big challenges to work on.

MSXI is continually expanding its global offerings in all business fields, including existing and new businesses. As a result, our HR strategy is continuously evolving to meet the global standards while shifting our people´s expectations. These strategies includes the following guiding principles:

> Hire, develop and promote the best talent; 
> Lead by example, share credit, praise and respect others; 
> Share experience, learn from mistakes and set high expectations;
> Give and get feedback; 
> Enhance the employee experience; 
> Seek for innovation always; 
> Build workplaces suited to a diverse workforce; 
> Don’t say it, show it;

We strongly believe that active collaboration and open communication can leverage a company´s culture, improve financial results and of course, make the daily work of our people worldwide much more interesting, diverse and fun.

Our Locations
MSX International‘s world wide headquarter is based in Detroit in the state of Michigan (United States). We make business all over the world including Europe where we have multiple locations in most of the European region‘s countries. We are also present in Italy with three key location as follow: MSX International Holdings Italia srl

> Viale Alexandre Gustave Eiffell 13-15 00148 (Roma) 
> Via dei Missaglia, 89 20142 (Milano) 
> Via Aldo Moro, 10060 None (Torino)

Work with us
The success of our company comes from the people will guarantee that they become part of our team. This is why we are committed to identifying the best candidates that complement our working groups comprising brilliant and experienced professionals of the consulting and services applied to the motor vehicle market. By joining us you will have the chance of you will grow professionally by working closely with our talents. Whether you are professionals with years of experience in the motor or young talented industry in search of work challenges, MSX International offers fabulous opportunities and an excellent working environment.
MSX International offers young degree students the opportunity to grow in an international environment, merit-based and challenging, characterized by a strong team spirit. An internship with MSXI gives you the opportunity to experience our company culture, enhance your knowledge and build skills that you‘ll be able to use to shape your future.
Those joining MSX International have a deep dive induction, including in classroom training as well as training on the job, to get quickly involved into the projects. Our Talent Management approach is driven mainly by the Job Rotation approach that enable people to gain experience in various business areas and get high responsibility jobs even in a short time.


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