Magneti Marelli is an international company committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector. With more than 43.000 employees, 89 production units, 12 R&D Centres and 26 Application Centres, Magneti Marelli has a presence in 20 countries and supplies all the most important car makers in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Magneti Marelli mission, as a worldwide automotive parts supplier, is to make its key technologies available to final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality and a competitive offer, technology and flexibility. Magneti Marelli is providing its know-how and wide-ranging expertise in electronics, through a process of ongoing innovation and environmental sustainability in order to develop intelligent systems for active and passive vehicle safety, onboard comfort and powertrain technologies.

BUSINESS AREAS: Automotive Lighting - Powertrain - Electronic Systems - Exhaust Systems - Suspensions and Shock Absorbers - Plastic Components and Modules - After Market Parts and Service - Motorsport

Information Communicationa Technology
Business application governance Corbetta

Logistics - Procurement Material Management
Automotive Lighting Barberà del Valles

What’s your job?
Tullio: I work in the Information Communication Technology department in of Magneti Marelli Headquarters in Corbetta (Milan). My work is mainly focused on following the development of business applications to support all employees worldwide.
During my first year in Magneti Marelli  I had the opportunity to take part in the development of three new different applications  HR, Finance and Motorsport department. One of the most interesting aspect of my job is the opportunity to deal with cross-functional projects and business processes. It gives me also the chance to get in touch with different cultures around the world.
Johanna: I am working in the procurement area within the Material Management Department in Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting Barberà plant. My job in Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting is mainly focused on the follow up of our supply requests to bring the material necessary for production.
In my job it is also really important to pay attention to the long term to foresee any possible issue related with supply chain (Shortage situation, non-availability of components and others). This job requires me to have a big perspective of where we are and where we are going to be.
In doing so, I am mostly in touch with several suppliers which are located in Europe and all over the world; this means that I am constantly working with different cultures and perspectives. I also have to get in touch with other Magneti Marelli plants when needed and to develop other tasks related with the supply chain, such as stock levels.

How did you join Magneti Marelli?
Tullio: Magneti Marelli is a great company that operates in an industry I have always been interested in. Since I started my master studies I always had a look to the working opportunities within big automotive companies published by the Politecnico of Milan.
A recruitment company contacted me three months before graduating, while I was writing my thesis, for the first phone interview. After that I did a group assessment organized by Magneti  Marelli’HR and then an individual interview with my tutor  to join  the Company. All my colleagues welcomed and helped me in my induction and that was really important to me.
Johanna: I already knew the company when I decided to apply for a job thinking that it would have been a great opportunity for my future. As a result of this, I started  an internship in Barberá del Valles within the World Class Manufacturing area.

What has been your professional path?
Tullio: I got the master Degree in Manufacturing and Management Engineering in April 2015 at Politecnico of Milan. Since I started my studies I’ve been interested in company’s internal processes.
During my university studies I had two working experiences in other two big automotive companies. A six months internship in the optimization department of Brembo S.p.a, that gave me the opportunity to experience the manufacturing world, and a three month collaboration with the purchase department of Pirelli S.p.a. In April 2015 I started an internship in the Magneti Marelli ICT department in the “Planning and control” role to move after three months to the actual “Business application” area.
Johanna: Regarding my educational background, I have two master’s degrees undertaken in Barcelona. The first one is focused on International Business and related mostly with trade and logistics while the second one is about international relations.
After my first internship in Magneti Marelli, I was assigned to the Material Management Department in the procurement area for a very fruitful experience. Before joining Magneti Marelli, I got an internship at the Spanish Committee in the International Chamber of Commerce and the University of Barcelona. I also worked in Colombia, my native country, at the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce.

Would you suggest to a friend to join
Magneti Marelli? Why?
Tullio: Absolutely Yes! The main reason why I would strongly recommend to a friend to join this company is because it shows to believe in young people. Working in MM allows me to be part of a multinational group like FCA. Moreover Magneti Marelli relies on job rotation to improve its employees skills and knowledge.
Johanna: Of course yes! The main reason why I would strongly suggest to a friend to join this company is because it gives the possibility to learn a lot, from the professional and personal point of view.
Every day I have new opportunities to grow and new challenges to achieve, and this is very important for me. I would also suggest MM as it is an international company and also because you can have the opportunity to get involved inside this exciting and always changing industry.

Which competencies and skills your friend should have to join Magneti Marelli?
Tullio: I think that the two most important skills that a young student should have to join Magneti Marelli are the attitude to always improve and the passion for his/her work.
Magneti Marelli is an international company, so it’s important to have a good English knowledge to keep in touch with employees from different countries.
Johanna: First of all you must be willing to learn, to be collaborative and organized and have a problem solving approach in the day by day situations. In my position, you must be able to speak several languages as it is really important to effectively communicate with international suppliers.
In addition, I also believe that it is very important to have knowledge and interest on the automotive industry.

Your motto?
Tullio: “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work; second, stick-to-it-iveness; and third, common sense.”  Thomas Edison
Johanna: No sailor became expert in calm waters.

SettoreAutomobilistico - Equipaggiamento, Industriale, Metalmeccanico
Lauree PreferiteDiploma, Economia, Ingegneria
Area GeograficaAbruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Friuli - Venezia - Giulia, Lombardia, Piemonte, Puglia
Area di inserimentoAcquisti, Amministrazione e Finanza, Comunicazione - Media - Pubblicità, Logistica, Produzione - Tecnica - Qualità, Progettazione, Ricerca e Sviluppo