About EURES, Cross-Border Öresund and Life Science 
EURES is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU 28 countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The EURES network includes over 1,000 EURES Advisers. EURES has an important role to play in providing specific information and facilitate placements for the benefit of employers and frontier workers in European cross-border regions. The Crossborder partnership (Arbetsförmedlingen in Sweden and Work in Denmark) was set up in 1997.

It is involved in activities to help crossborder workers and students, as well as employers who wish to recruit labour craft.

Job opportunities
Within Life Science sector there is an increasing shortage of expertise in both sides of the strait. (Sweden/Denmark).

Since last year we have started a project to contribute to strengthening growth and employment in the Life Science sector in the Oresund region.

> Biotech and Pharmaceutical sector: chemists, biochemists, regulatory affairs specialists, HSE consultants, solid dosage specialists, QA & QC specialists, safety surveillance specialist etc.
> Universities and research centres are looking for a wide range of life science researchers to the vacant PhD and post doc scholarships.

Skills/abilities most appreciated
For Denmark: Both experienced professionals and new graduates.
For Sweden: Mostly experienced professionals (3 + years)
Language skills: English high level of communication. 

About Oresund region
The Oresund Region is a transnational metropolitan area in northern Europe, centred around the Oresund strait and the two cities which lie on either side, Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden.

The region is connected by the Oresund Bridge, which spans the strait at its southern end, and the HH Ferry route between Helsingør, Denmark and Helsingborg, Sweden at the narrowest point of the strait.

The Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand constitute the Danish side, while Scania constitutes the Swedish side. The Øresund Region consists of both rural and urban areas.

There are two metropolitan areas within the region, Copenhagen metropolitan area and Metropolitan Malmö.

Information about living and working in the region:

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