SettoreChimico - Farmaceutico
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Area GeograficaEmilia Romagna, Lombardia, Toscana, Veneto
Area di inserimentoAcquisti, Amministrazione e Finanza, Commerciale, Comunicazione - Media - Pubblicità, Legale, Logistica, Manutenzione, Marketing, Produzione - Tecnica - Qualità, Ricerca e Sviluppo, Risorse Umane, Segreteria - Assistenza di Direzione

We are a science-led global healthcare company on a mission: we want to help people do more, feel better, live longer.

We make a wide range of prescription Medicines, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare products. ViiV Healthcare represents our commitment in HIV/AIDS treatment. A robust pipeline is under development, with potential
to file up to 20 assets by 2020.

In Italy, we are the first Pharma Company in terms of industrial footprint, with +5000 employees, 3 manufacturing sites and 1 R&D Center.

Our Headquarters are based in Verona since 1932; Verona hosts a manufacturing site and a competence center for packaging and artwork.

Siena hub represents a globally relevant excellence in Vaccinology, through a Research Center and a manufacturing plant for Vaccines (based in Rosia - SI).

Sterile compounds production and Monoclonal Antibodies manufacturing is based in S.
Polo di Torrile (Parma).

GSK ConsumerHealthcare is based in Baranzate (Milan), offering well known brands globally organized into five categories: Pain Relief, Respiratory, Oral Health, Nutrition/Gastro Intestinal and Skin Health.

Our people are essential to our success
We focus on building their capabilities, and aim to support and empower them to be the best they can be. Our core values are Patient Focus, Integrity, Respect for People and Transparency. We motivate our employees to
put them at the heart of every decision they make through strong leadership, offering individual development opportunities and rewarding employees for how they work as well as what they achieve.

We want everyone at GSK feel proud of the work that they do, the company they work for, and the difference they make. In Italy, we run 3 volounteership programs together with Dynamo Camp, Save the Children and Banco alimentare, to foster our people’s commitment for our local community.

Bio Pharma Day

Bio Pharma Day e' un evento esclusivo nato dall'idea di offrire ai laureati in materie scientifiche un career day dedicato esclusivamente a loro.

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